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Festival inspiration 2015


We love festivals. Not only because of the music, the freedom, the ultimate feeling of no obligations and just fun. But also because of the people. We loooooove people who dress up!

These are our favourite dress-up ideas:

Seen at Burning Man: fantastic costumes

At Burning Man, organised every year in one of the hottest deserts on earth, the ornate outfits have become a huge part of the festival. Bikinis, body paint, tutus, masks, headdresses, wigs, floral crowns and feathers — it's all there! Often all worn at once.

burning man

burning man

Tip: use one of our batik throws to make your own fashionable, or less fashionable depending on what you prefer, creation.

Flower power face paint

During the sixties and seventies, makeup was reinvented. During this liberating era, it became a new way of artistic expression for women, and not much later, when glam rock became hip, men joined in too.

flower power make up

psychedelic seventies make up

Neon nights

Be a star, shine like a diamond... Or just play around with neon paint and powder and see what the result looks like when it gets dark.

Create the following looks with Neon face and body paint and Neon colour glitter powder.

neon face paint

neon face paint

If you aren't all too crazy about dressing up, but you're up for some good fun, check out the following items.

Twinklerz psychedelic glasses

We were seriously amazed when we saw how these glasses add a super psychedelic touch to your regular sight. We recommend bringing a couple of spare one, as you'll be making lots of friends with these Twinklerz glasses.

festival psychedelic glasses

Mini water gun

In the case of hot weather, you'll be making friends with this one too. Fun guaranteed! A small water gun that fits easily in every backpack.

festival water gun

Walkie Talkie

Who cares about cell phones, wifi, Whatsapp, Instagram, when you can use walkie talkies? A festival in the forest or an abandoned military base is the perfect excuse for carring around this. classic communication device.

festival walkie talkie

Holi powder

Spice up your next festival with this colourful Indian holi powder!

holi powder

holi powder

Festival? Be practical!

Whoops, after weeks and weeks of waiting, suddenly the festival is only a couple of days away. That's when you realise you don't have a sleeping bag/water kettle/poncho. No worries, all these super practical items are available from our festivalshop as well.

All festival items (some practical, some are not)

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