BlogBreaking Convention psychedelic conference 10 - 12 July
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Breaking Convention psychedelic conference 10 - 12 July


Do you like conventions? Are you (planning to be) in England this weekend? Do you value psychedelic consciousness? Do you hate endless questions as much as we do? Well then, we have just the thing!

The University of Greenwich in London is hosting the third edition of the Breaking Convention conference. It will run for three days and features ten symposia of invited speakers with an estimated total of 140 talks, making it one of the largest psychedelics conferences in the world.

At the time of writing there are still a few tickets available, but you may wish to hurry.


The programme includes talks by over 120 experts, plus experiential and training workshops, mind-altering installations, art and dance performances, light shows, a comprehensive bookshop, two visionary art exhibitions, live bands and DJs performing at evening parties, and a psychedelic film festival.

And did we mention a whole bunch of happy-looking people? Why just look at this group photo. Who wouldn't want to be part of that lively bunch?

Breaking Convention

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