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420 & Smoke out in the Vondelpark


April is full of celebrations for those who like to alter their state of mind. Just recovered from bicycle day? Today is another reason to celebrate!

The cannabis minded amongst us probably already know about 420. For those who don’t: yes, it’s a secret code.

Origin of 420

Most likely the term was coined by a group of teenagers from California in 1971. 4.20 pm was the time they secretly gathered at the Louis Pasteur statue in order to get high.

Soon ‘420’ got into local parlance as an euphemism for all cannabis related topics. More and more people picked it up. Around the end of the 1980s 420 was popularised by fans of The Grateful Dead.


420 Festivities and protests

Over the years 420 came to refer to the date 20 April as well. It developed into a holiday of the counter culture. Despite it’s illegal position in many countries, cannabis is openly consumed and celebrated on this day. In many places 420 is also used as a day to demonstrate for cannabis legalisation.

Smoke out in Amsterdam Vondelpark

In Amsterdam traditionally a smoke out is held in the Vondelpark at April 20th. See Ams420.

Islam’s patron saint of cannabis

For those who haven’t celebrated enough: April 23rd is another opportunity at the feast day of Khizr, Islam’s patron saint of cannabis.

Khizr patron saint of cannabis

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