BlogRe-opening Azarius Offline Shop. Celebrate with us until 4/20!
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Re-opening Azarius Offline Shop. Celebrate with us until 4/20!


Ever been to our majestic Azarius offline store in the Kerkstraat in Amsterdam? You should definitely go again!

We’ve been sweating, painting and re-shuffling for ages and now it’s done. And it never looked more beautiful...

Azarius offline winkel

Herbs of the Gods

The Herbs of the Gods got a prominent place in front of the store: right where they should be. And they’re held by some mysterious hands...

Azarius offline store


We’ve got a range of new displays and a slightly changed assortment. This admirable new stained glass window decorates the hallway leading you to the completely renewed, cutting-edge vape-lab.

Azarius offline store

But these pics are just a sneak-peek.. If you really want to know what it’s all about, come and have a look yourself!

Re-opening celebration: free gifts

To commemorate this joyous moment we’ll have a whole week of celebrations. From April 13th until the memorable date 420 (April 20th) you will get a free gift with every purchase!

Besides, this is the perfect moment to pick up your free Azarius magazine, in case you don’t have it yet...

Looking forward to see you!

~ With love from the Azarius Kerkstraat Team

Pictures (and art) by Nina Valkhoff: Creatief op

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