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Azarius Magazine edition #2: hot off the press


In case you missed it, Azarius isn't just a sparkly and majestic store. We've also released a free magazine some time ago.

Today the editorial team is proud to announce edition #2 of the one and only Azarius magazine. It's a colourful mix of interviews, articles, product highlights, recipes (you haven't lived until you've eaten holy crêpe) and it even has a crossword puzzle that almost manages to make sense.

Best of all, the handy A5 format makes it the perfect reading material for those long excruciating moments on the toilet after take-out night.

Get your copy!

How do you get this wonderful piece of print on a coffee table or in a bathroom near you? We're glad you asked! All you have to do is order something in our online store. We'll add the magazine to your package free of charge. That's simply how we roll!

The magazine is available in English, Dutch and French.

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