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MDMA The Movie


Many people have extraordinary and life changing experiences on MDMA. Before it became known as party drug the substance was mainly used in therapy sessions.

Currently promising results are found in people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Still MDMA is illegal in most countries.

In ‘MDMA The Movie’ producer and director Emanuel Sferios explores the history and cultural impact of this unique drug. The movie documents harm reduction efforts around the world as a practical alternative to three decades of failed prohibition.

Sferios is a rave activist who founded the drug safety and harm reduction organization DanceSafe. He already shot part of the film material, but to realise the entire project more money is needed.

Support the crowdfunding campaign of Sferios and his team. It runs till 27th of March.

Use the following links to get a sneak preview of the already available film material:

-Indiegogo MDMA The Movie

-Vice: MDMA as medicine? A new films controversial look at the popular party drug

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