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'Explosion' banned in the Netherlands


AMSTERDAM - Explosion, the chemical drug that could be purchased in many Dutch smart shops in the last few months, has been banned. The drug gives a strong XTC-like trip and was sold as air freshener. This means that it was sold without any good product information.

Azarius decided, being one of the few, not to sell this product. And if you read the article below, you can see that this has been a wise decision:

THE HAGUE (ANP) - Anyone who sells or produces the new party drug Explosion is taking the risk of being imprisoned for a maximum of 6 years. This was written by the minister of Health last Thursday as an answer to questions that were raised by the Dutch political party PvdA.

The minister asked the Inspection of Health to investigate the distribution and sale of Explosion, together with other investigation departments.

Air freshener

According to the inspection, Explosion is a non-registered medicin and these cannot be sold. The new drug is offered as an air freshener in small tubes which contain vanilla oil and methylon. Methylon looks a lot like MDMA, both in chemical structure and in its effects. MDMA is the active substance of XTC pills. Up untill now there is little knowledge about the actual effects of the drug. Experts are still doing research. The risks of the drug seem to be the same as those of XTC.

The new drug got a lot of publication at the end of last month, after radio host Giel Beelen (3FM) had used it during one of his broadcasts (THANK YOU, GIEL). The request for the new drug has increased explosively after this broadcast. Last week the companies that sell the drug on the Internet announced that the drug was totally out of stock.

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