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The 2D salvia world


A salvia trip can be as strong as smoking DMT. Therefore these two substances are regularly compared to each other. Both trips are very intense and don’t take more than ten minutes. Furthermore both substances are smoked through a small pipe. However, DMT is illegal, whereas salvia is legal.

Most people taking salvia divinorum for the first time are amazed by the forceful effects of this plant. Almost immediately after inhalation you lose contact with reality and commence on a trip that’s unprecedented.

Strange worlds

Many psychonauts are deeply impressed by this substance. Especially the first times are very exciting. By inhaling more deeply every time, you build up the strength of the effects.

Usually this goes well only a few times. Experience shows that eventually almost everyone will pass the door to that other, strange world. And then salvia can be frightening. While DMT may lead you to more and new dimensions, salvia seems to peel away one dimension.

Comic book

Below some illustrative statements by people who have smoked salvia:

“It seemed the world was a comic book.”

“I felt like being a sticker getting stuck on the wall.”

“I sat down on the page of a book, and suddenly the page was turned.”

“I was trapped in a cocoon and couldn’t join the others.”

Roller coaster

Especially the feeling you don’t belong to this world anymore seems to be widespread. This can be frightening to some. Luckily, saliva is a safe psychedelic. It only takes a little while! You can compare it to a slide which makes you swish down just a little bit too fast, or a roller coaster that seems to have just too many loops. It’s over before you know it and it’s completely safe, but it’s very exciting. The same holds for salvia.

You will always return from the 2D-salvia world to our own 3D-world. So if you feel like experiencing the world in a comic book, I would definitely recommend to try it out one day. It doesn’t make you worse, just a little bit wiser.


New in the Azarius assortment: salvia tincture. Not for the faint-hearted. Read here about an experience of psychonaut Hans Plomp with salvia tincture in our recent interview.

Written by: Sofie

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