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Cocaine alert – to be continued


Again three tourists in Amsterdam ended up in hospital after using ‘cocaine’ that was actually white heroin.

In October and November a range of similar incidents happened: three British tourists died and another seventeen people were hospitalised.

The municipality started a large campaign to find the street dealer and warn tourists: posters and matrix signs were placed all over the town. Smartshops supplied cheap tests that indicate heroin.


No dealer was found, but no more incidents happened either for a couple of months, so the campaign was slowly abolished. Now the dangerous heroin is back and the campaign is relaunched.

The police released pictures of the possible dealer and will issue a reward of 15.000 euro for the tip that will lead to his arrest.

Heroin test kits

The heroin test kits were developed by EZ test in consultation with VLOS, the national association for smartshop companies and GGD.

The test kits are still available in our offline store in the Kerkstraat. Please don’t hesitate to come by and ask our staff for assistance!

When heroin is present, the test ampoule will colour purple. The test won’t give any information about the identity of other substances.

When tested positive on heroin, it’s very important to immediately contact the municipal health service GGD. Remember you’ll not be arrested for the possession of hard drugs.

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