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Fighting against prejudice in MMA


MMA? We're going to talk about fighting at Azarius? Yes indeed, about Nick Diaz particularly. An intense fighter with an iron chin, someone who could complete triathlons in his spare time.

If you are unfamiliar with MMA, the letters stand for Mixed Martial Arts. Started with tournaments pitching fighters of different disciplines against each other - think of a sumo wrestler taking on a karateka. Evolved into the most complete, creative and unpredictable martial arts.

Nick against the GOAT

In late January Nick Diaz faced another star in MMA. Anderson "Spider" Silva: seen by many as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) and returning from a nasty fracture of the leg.

A promising match up, a great fight... followed by a big downer. Both athletes tested positive for doping.

Silva tarnished his status as a legend by using steroids. Diaz got caught... for the third time... for smoking weed.

Cannabis counts as doping?

Keith Kizer speaks on behalf of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. "The drug is banned Because of the damage it does to the person taking it. It could make you lethargic, slow your reflexes, and Those things are dangerous in a combat sport."

Apparently there’s such a thing as an illegal performance decreasing drug.

Marijuana gives you an unfair disadvantage?

Of course, Diaz has a different view. No man competing at the top level of a combat sport willingly puts himself at a disadvantage.

Marijuana helps Nick Diaz to cope with ADD (ADHD without hyperactivity). Smoking cannabis is part of his routine and he has never kept that fact hidden from anyone. "I'm more consistent about everything being a cannabis user," Diaz stated in 2009, "I'm happy to get loaded, hear some good music. . . I remain consistent. "

And cannabis makes you lethargic?

How can you hold on to that statement if you have seen one Nick Diaz fight? He is the most intense fighter ever to compete. And not only during the fights, also in training. He does triathlons as cardio. No fighter even comes near his stamina.

It's really not that bad

Anderson Silva denies ever using steroids, like so many doping sinners before him.

Nick Diaz on the other hand believes he has nothing to be ashamed of (and rightly so we think). He sees cannabis as a safe supplement which helps him to perform in a physically and mentally gruelling sport. And, unlike the Nevada State Athletic Commission, he can back up his claim.

Written by: Steek

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