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New Year’s resolutions


Welcome in 2015! The start of a new year is the moment to reassess what goes well in your life and what aspects you want to change.

Superfoods and supplements

Maybe you opt for a healthier lifestyle? There’s lots of ways to do so, and we’re glad to help you. Did you for example know we recently extended our assortment with superfoods? Goji berries, baobab powder, raw cacao beans, flaxseed: you name it, we have it! Obviously all our superfoods are organic and suitable for a vegan lifestyle.

We also offer a broad range of supplements: for an enhanced mood, better sleep or to help you lose weight, just to name some. And then we have products that are just very beneficial in general. Never before January saw so much lust for life...

Time for a vaporizer?

Smoked too much during the holidays? You’ve may have been pondering about it for some time. Now you can’t deny any longer what your lungs are shouting to you: it’s time for a vaporizer!

Go for robust and trustworthy quality with the new portables Crafty and Mighty from Storz & Bickel. Or do you prefer the brand new, cutting edge Firefly? How about Flowermate? Did you see their newest design already? As usual we have a broad array of portable and table top vaporizers, so be sure to choose a model that suits you.

Time to stop smoking cigarettes? E-cigarettes can help you to slowly reduce the level of nicotine. They do give the complete smoke experience, but as there’s no tobacco involved, they’re much less harmful than the real deal.

As you can see: lots of suggestions for a happy and healthy start of the year!

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