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Firefly: cutting edge vaporizer



A vaporizer the likes of which you’ve never seen before. When heating up a warm orange glow lights up from the chamber - like a firefly. Its 14 cm aluminium body will feel pleasantly warm in your hand while you enjoy the rich, pure flavour and consistent quality of the vapour.

The newest gizmo, right out of top-technology hub Silicon Valley, has been described as ‘portable perfection’. And that’s no joke. This elegant, vintage style device will let you enjoy first puff in no more than 10 seconds. That’s as quick as lighting up a joint.


Developers Sasha Robinson and Mark Williams dropped their highly successful careers and spent two years in Robinson’s basement to provide the world with this top-notch vaporiser.

Robinson, a former software developer in Silicon Valley and Williams, former manager of the Apple Mac OS design team, met up at a Burning Man party. Recognising the need for innovation they teamed up. Not to produce ‘just another vaporizer’: they pulled out all the stops to design nothing but the best.


The material of the heating coil is a business secret, but its combination with an ion battery makes instant heating possible, up to 200°C! In contrast to many other vaporizers, it heats by convection, producing very clear vapour. The battery can be charged in 45 minutes and is good for about 50 draws per charge.

The Firefly is officially designed for tobacco but could be filled with all kinds of herbs and loose leaf plant material.

We Azarians proudly present our newest acquisition, now available for pre-order. The Firefly is available in dark grey, red and silver. Pre-order now!

Top quality is guaranteed by a 5-year warranty.




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