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Feed your head: two inspiring trippers that podcast


Your trip does not appear out of thin air. It might be a mind-blowing experience, but it’s ignited by your own mind. Your expectations shape your trip. And you can shape expectations. Feed your head, they say. Here’s two inspiring podcasts to munch on.

Joe Rogan

You might know him. From television, as the host of Fear Factor. From martial arts, as a UFC commentator. Most likely, you've seen him in documentaries for our kind of people – DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Marijuana: A Chronic History and The Culture High, recently released on Vimeo on demand.

In the US, Joe Rogan is a contemporary icon of conscious drug use. A chronic toker and a busy bee (in addition to all of the above, Joe is also a stand-up comedian). A proponent of a healthy lifestyle that consists of a good diet, plenty of exercise and deep tripping.

On his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, all aspects of his personality get plenty of room to shine. The atmosphere and the subjects of an episode depend largely on who he's talking to. But whoever is across his table, Joe Rogan proves himself an inspiring 'motherfucker' on a regular basis.

Duncan Trussell

He’s a regular guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast. And Joe is a regular guest on his. Fellow comedian Duncan Trussell brings a lot of philosophical and spiritual baggage. He meditates, goes to Buddhist retreats, quotes Dostojevski and chants Hare Krishna.

His own podcast is called The Duncan Trussell Family Hour. With each episode, Duncan takes you along on his crazy journey to find truth. Where his buddy Joe seems to have his life in perfect order, Duncan will also share his fuck-ups and dark moments.

Lately he's had a couple of spiritual icons on his podcast, such as Jack Kornfield, a former Buddhist monk, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, writer and meditation teacher. If you are looking to go deep… get your spade and dig in.

Written by: Steek

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