BlogMy coming out of the trippy closet (slowly)
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My coming out of the trippy closet (slowly)


Here at Azarius I’m preaching to the choir. If you're reading this, you’re at least a little crazy but also curious, open-minded and adventurous. In my daily life I meet lots of people who aren’t as free-spirited. And yet I every now and then I run my mouth about my use of drugs.

I like to share impressive experiences, so sometimes I talk about my best trips in great lengths. Like one would talk about a good book, nothing more and nothing less. I choose my audience and keep it among friends. Not all of them understand my fascination. No problem, as I don't understand all of theirs. But they know me, listen to my story and don’t worry about it more than they need to.

There are times when I take risks. I’ll probably get a negative reaction and yet I still talk about tripping. Because I honestly don't think that there's anything wrong with it. And I believe that this society can use some psychedelic ideas. Nothing will change if all the psychonauts keep their mouth shut.

The trouble starts with the word "drugs". An umbrella term that covers a lot of substances; legal and illegal. The bottle of beer from my conversation partner, for example. But most seem to think of scenes from Trainspotting, even though the drugs I use have nothing to do with that movie.

So I try to explain that psychedelics don't quite work that way, that they’re not physically addictive, that you’re done tripping for a while after a good trip. And I’ll see the concern in the face of my conversation partner, who seems to wonder if I’m in denial.

It's tempting at times to make the comparison with alcohol. Objectively, a lot more dangerous. I shouldn't go there. Alcohol is legal, virtually every adult drinks sometimes. When I take the discussion there, it feels like an attack and the defensive walls go up.

I have the facts on my side. But there’s little room for quoting scientific articles in casual conversations. I mention that it's not nearly as dangerous as one might think, as long as you do it with prudence. That it has a lot of wonderful benefits. And that there are a lot of beautiful cultures in which psychedelics play a central role.

I'll leave it at that. At the next party, they'll see that I'm still highly functional. Another small step toward acceptance of psychedelics.

So, how do you guys talk about what you use?

Written by: Steek

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