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Dabbing taking you higher and higher


Is that ordinary joint or the sweet vape from your brand new vaporizer just not enough for you? You love good old Mary Jane, but are curious to see if there's something a bit stronger?

How about cannabis concentrates? In our newest encyclopaedia article you can learn the ins and outs of cannabis extractions. Instead of using the ordinary flowers, a concentrate of plant material is created that contains only the active ingredients: the cannabinoids and terps that actually get you high (or stoned).

The vaporisation of cannabis concentrates is called ‘dabbing’. Just one ‘dab’ will get you as high as the very first time you ever used cannabis. Every time.

Recently Azarius added a category for dab tools and equipment. Did you know a special bong designed for dabbing is called an ‘oilrig’? And did you know you can turn any bong into an oilrig by adding a 'nail'? By reading The Dab files you can inform yourself on the wonderful art of dabbing.

In the United States dabbing and the use of concentrates have really taken off in recent years. In the states that legalised medical cannabis, wax is sold in dispensaries. In European countries dabbing is a bit more contested as the legal status of concentrates (that contain high levels of THC) is unclear.

Though the strength of cannabis concentrates can be seen as a risk (it's possible to take in too much!) others, especially medical users, see it as a benefit, as for them it’s easier to get the right dose of cannabinoids.

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