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Happier with Caps Lock Day


Today, October 22, is a very special day. It's International Caps Lock Day and Azarius is joining in on the fun. If you're viewing our website on this most joyous of holidays, then you'll see (almost) every word in big, beautiful and hilariously unserene CAPITAL LETTERS.

But why?

Because dark autumn clouds are sweeping over Amsterdam and we're all horribly depressed and eager to grab any and all excuse for a celebration in these windy, rainy times.

The result seems to hilariously broken pages as the extra space required for bigger letters is too much for our layout to handle. We're not even sure if you can properly log in to your Azarius account (passwords are case sensitive), much less complete a purchase. But that's okay, because that's all part of the holiday spirit.

Don't worry though. It's only for one day.


About Caps Lock Day

The origin of International Caps Lock Day.

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