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Coffee at Azarius: be a conscious user!


Today we will talk about the stimulant your mother lovingly pours into a cup for you, maybe when she wants to have a little heart to heart regarding those weird packages you keep receiving from Azarius. Coffee is just part of life. But, with us being critical users, let’s just zoom in on the most popular drug on earth.

Interestingly, the debate around the drug caffeine seems to revolve solely around the preparation. Where one person is perfectly happy with a cup of joe prepared in the famous Senseo machine, the other only drinks coffee that was prepared in an espresso machine that can produce a pressure of at least 15 bar. No one talks about the effects on body and mind. And that’s a shame, as it is potent stuff, that you can greatly benefit from. Although it can just as easily ruin your day.

Recently published research showed that caffeine has a positive effect on the memory. A group of 160 subjects looked at a series of pictures. They then either got a placebo or a caffeine pill that equals a regular cup of coffee. One day later, the subjects were tested for recognition of the images.

Those who received a shot of caffeine turned out to be better at that. The difference was in the details, they mainly did better when discerning images with small differences. Source: nature neuroscience.

Athletes also benefit from caffeine. A good cup of coffee makes you both more alert and more energetic. Your reaction speed increases and you get the feeling that things just go a bit easier. Caffeine is certainly a performance enhancing drug, suitable for both endurance sports and interval sports (football, hockey, tennis….). The best moment to grab a dose is an hour before the match.

Don’t overdo it. You won’t be riding up a hill like Lance Armstrong just by drinking latte machiato’s. The sweet spot lies between 3-6 milligrams of caffeine per kilogram body weight. If you go over that, you will get the reverse effect of what you are aiming for.

Too much is never good. An overdose of caffeine – why wouldn’t we call it by its name – creates both physical and mental problems. An increased heart rate and overstimulated bowels. A rushed feeling, irritability, nervousness, sleeplessness. You will no doubt recognize it, we’ve all had a doppio too many in our day.

Like most other stimulants, the effects of caffeine differ with every person. But how much of it do you use? You never really know. On average, the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee lies between 90 and 225 milligrams. It's a very rough average, as the same serving of coffee can vary as much as 300 milligrams between this day and the next.

If you really want to get the most out of caffeine, you cannot leave the dose to chance. You need to know exactly how much you are getting, so you can take the dose that works best for you. And that’s where BLAST caffeine capsules come in. By taking caffeine in capsule form, you know exactly what you get.

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