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Former CNN journalist now covering psychedelics


Recently saw the light of day. “A Community for Independent Consciousness Journalism”. The website is a project of Amber Lyon, a journalist that made a name for herself at CNN with stories on the Arab Spring, the oil spill in the Mexican Gulf and medicine addiction.

Psychedelic News Network features a great number of articles, considering the website has only just been launched. It's like the newspaper on psychedelics, containing news, background articles and opinion articles. Original content, like Amber’s personal story ‘How Psychedelics Saved My Life.’ And links to interesting information elsewhere, like ‘Cops Like Me Say Legalize All Drugs. Here’s Why.’

Perfect Figurehead
In and on itself, isn’t revolutionary. Yet we expect a lot from this initiative. The reason is the sheer force of the site's figurehead: Amber Lyon. She's a highly gifted journalist that has worked for CNN for many years and produced several award winning documentaries. Even if you think shrooms make people jump out of windows, you can’t easily dismiss Amber. She's got the skills, the reputation and the charisma.

Leaving CNN
What can possibly bring a celebrated journalist to leave a renowned network to report on psychedelic ‘drugs’? Amber’s relationship with CNN ended in 2012. The station refused to broadcast her report on Bahrain. The reason: the small middle eastern oil state advertises on CNN, making the local regime a customer. Amber refused to work under these circumstances and brought the story of CNN’s self-censorship to the open.

Healing Powers
When she slammed shut the door of the CNN HQ, Amber had already seen a lot of the world – mostly the dark parts. These experiences had her struggling with anxiety and PTSD. A friend pointed her towards the healing powers of psilocybin mushrooms (shrooms). In Mexico she underwent five healing sessions lead by a shaman. Successfully. Amber: “I find it, to this day, nearly impossible to experience anxiety.”

Accessible Platform
The journalistic experience of Amber Lyon can be seen everywhere. has a mainstream look and feel and its articles are of a very high quality. And Amber knows how to present herself. Watching her speak, you’ll see a accessible young woman. She has the potential to reach a very broad audience. And her website, can be the bridge between scientific organisations like and the mainstream public.

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