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'Legalize!' Foundation spreads weed seeds


The 'Legalize!' foundation offered free bags of cannabis seeds to the public on the Museum Square in Amsterdam last Monday. This was done as a protest to several super markets and stores. These stores took out the free seeds that came with the magazine 'Nieuwe Revue'.

People that passed by received a bag of seeds and they were explained why the action took place, said Dennis Lahey, spokesman of 'Legalize!'. 'Some people were shocked when we mentioned it was cannabis, but in general the reactions were positive', he said.

In their latest episode, the magazine 'Nieuwe Revu' wrote that 64 percent of the Dutch think that all drugs should be legalized. The 'Legalize!' foundation shares this opinion and thinks that this is the only option for a 'sensible drugs policy'. The foundation has the aim to have the use of drugs legalized.

According to the foundation, cannabis seeds should be sold in super markets without causing problems, because they are legal in The Netherlands.

According to Lahey there is 'ignorance' about the possibilities of cannabis seeds and hemp plants. 'A lot of products could be made better for the environment with the use of the hemp plant. For example: the production of hemp paper uses 4 times less energy than the production of paper that is sold in stores right now.' 'Legalize!' calls the governmental policy 'a hypocritical policy', because alcohol, tobacco and porn can be bought in stores.

Published on the 31st of January 2005 at 13:55 pm

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