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Integrating psychedelic research in daily life


As of the 7th of May the American based Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) started to broadcast the first in a series of five webinars on the integration of psychedelic research in daily life.

The online course, for which you can register paying $129, touches upon topics like: how can you use insights from psychedelic science to improve your relationships, career, creative projects and spiritual life? How can you deal with people that have difficult psychedelic experiences? And how can you talk openly about psychedelics with family, friends and co-workers? Another important topic is the ability of psychedelics to heal trauma, addiction and mental illness.

Once registered you can tune in to the discussions moderated by MAPS-representative Brad Burge. The weekly sessions feature diverse scientists, artists, writers and therapists active in the field. For example therapist Gabor Maté will talk about the use of the Amazonian ayahuasca brew in addiction treatment. In another session psychologist Linnae Ponté will discuss how to deal with bad trips, while medical researcher Alica Danforth will explain how MDMA can be used to reduce social anxiety by autism.

The online course reflects the recent upsurge in psychedelic science. Amply 40 years after Nixon declared his ‘war on drugs’ times seem to be finally changing. More and more researchers are investigating the promising potentials of ayahuasca, LSD, psilocybin, MDMA and iboga.

Though spreading the gained information in accessible format to a wider audience is obviously praiseworthy, it would be even better if the webinar was free for all to watch. Because, aren’t these things every psychonaut would like to know?

The series are a co-production between MAPS and Evolver learning lab. Learn more here.

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