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Psilocybine Psyche


Those who have experience know: psilocybine can change your personality, though it's extremely rare that it happens in the scary, incomprehensible way many people fear (chances of getting stuck in a trip for more than a few days are 0,08%, however, if you are one of these people that’s extra sensitive to it the use of psychedelics is, of course, highly discouraged).

Researchers at The John Hopkins University School of Medicine have discovered some interesting things about personality in relation to psilocybine. The research entailed participants who would have 8 hour sessions two to five times with a resting period of minimally three weeks in between. The results showed that the participants whom were under the age of 30 would experience a difference within how they establish themselves in life. There was an increase in imagination and conscientiousness, the participant became more open-minded, they could think in a more abstract way and were more open in their contact with others. Once the age of 30 has been reached, chances of a significant change in personality are small.

Study leader Griffith, professor at the University, believes psilocybin may have therapeutic uses. He is currently studying whether the hallucinogen has a use in helping cancer patients handle the depression and anxiety that comes along with a diagnosis. Fortunately, the use of psychedelics and psychotherapy is becoming more and more acceptable (read: Albert Hoffman finally vindicated).

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