BlogCoffeeshop policy: Not Without a Fight!
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Coffeeshop policy: Not Without a Fight!


As of the first of January 2014 a new law has been enforced in The Netherlands which determines that the distance between high schools and coffeeshops should be 350 meters. Especially for big cities this has great consequences.

Former party leader of CDA, Michael Veling, and current owner of coffeeshop 420, courageously wants to prevent this by trying to buy out a school in the centre of Amsterdam, which would otherwise cause 11 shops to close down just by being in the periphery. The school is certainly taking the offer into consideration.

For the moment the shops are still allowed to stay open, but only after 18:00 when the schools are out. This would result in a slow bankruptcy for all involved. Meanwhile the court is reminding them that they should be grateful! After all... they had already announced it...

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