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AzariusTV taken off the air


It looks like Azarius just can’t get a break.

After trouble with our Facebook account and on-going troubles with Google+, we’ve just found out that our AzariusTV YouTube account was terminated without a chance to appeal this decision.

We don’t think our videos were very provocative or a ‘severe violation’ of YouTube guidelines, certainly not compared to some other videos out there, but it seems someone else did or got scared.

Rather than being angry, we’re just quite sad. Sad that in the year 2014, people are still so very scared of smartshop and headshop items and feel the need to censor us, to protect the public from our videos on how to use a vaporizer or how to grow mushrooms as if we are unleashing some great evil upon the world.

We don’t want to stimulate people into taking psychoactive substances and we certainly don’t want anyone violating the law in any way, but we had hoped to be able to show people how to use some of our products should they want to try it, to inform those looking for more information.

We’re very sorry for the broken video links on (some of) our product pages and we’ll be doing what we can to restore them or come up with an alternative.

- Team Azarius

Edit: We've found an alternative, thanks for the comments & support everyone!

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