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Back on Facebook, new on Instagram


Last month our spacin' Facebook page was disabled for dubious reasons, without warning. After carefully weighing our options (orbital bombardment, infiltrating the Facebook headquarters and spiking the water with something psychedelic or starting a FaceSpace website that would in time become bigger than Facebook and then buying all their shares) we've decided to...simply turn the other cheek and try again! We are a peace loving bunch, after all.

Click here to visit the new Azarius Facebook page and support our ongoing cause of making Mother Nature's gifts available to everyone; because what grows in nature shouldn't be illegal.

As it happens, you can also follow the united colours of Azarius in picture or video form on Instagram (warning: colourful, may cause spontaneous tripping).

Wishing you peace, love & creamy peanut butter,

~ The Azarius team

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