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New festival gear + free T-shirt


It’s July and the festival season is in full swing. Finally we can leave behind our quiet office with its comfy chairs and endless supply of fresh coffee for a crowded party tent with overpriced, watered-down beer and nights spent on back-breaking rock solid ground. Fair to say: we’ve been looking forward to this all year!

There are a few essential things one must not forget in order to survive a large festival, where you’ll experience several days without real food or comfort, and the concept of personal space means very little. A poncho is handy in case it rains (though as we all know it only rains when you forget to bring one). You’ll find it plus a lot of other basic necessities in our very own Festival Shop.

Order for more than € 10 in festival gear and you'll receive a mushroom T-shirt free! It’s made from 100% awesomnium. Scientists agree it’s one of the coolest fabrics in the known universe.

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