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Pre-sale Psy-Fi open air at Azarius store


Do you like Psy, Fi and/or Open Air? Well then, we have just the thing for you. Tickets to Psy-Fi Open air are available at our Amsterdam flagship store (coincidentally also our only store).

In the heart of Groningen city park, close to the German border, lies a veritable oasis of tranquillity with ancient trees, small lakes and quiet spots of nature. From 12 July to 14 July 2013 this is the stage for the Psy-Fi open air psychedelic trance festival, with a great line-up of national and international DJ's and live acts.

You can get your tickets to this momentous event right now from the one and only Azarius super store in Amsterdam (super because it's awesome, not necessarily related to it's size). Please note; Regular Bird tickets are available for €27.00 (including € 2 service fee). From 10 June onwards, the Lazy Bird tickets will be available for pre-sale at € 32.00 (including € 2 service fee). So be quick, tickets are available up to 11 June.

But wait, there's more! Buy a ticket from Azarius and you get a complimentary bag of Trip-E's for free. They'll help you get in the right mood, trust us.

Where on earth is this fabled Azarius store you ask? Find out all about our Amsterdam smartshop. Note that we're open on Sundays during the summer.

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