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Lady Salvia is back


Lady Salvia is a demanding temptress. Like most women you have to treat her with respect, handle her delicately and whisper sweet flattery to get anywhere. Unlike most women, you have to keep her moist at all times. (pause for uncomfortable silence) Did we mention were talking about a plant?

After having disappeared from our website for over a year, Salvia Divinorum cuttings are back in limited supply. Our expert staff of laboratory geeks has prepared new tissue cultures of this (in)famous psychoactive Mexican damsel for you to grow at home. Treat her well and shes sure to give you a good time (dinner and a movie not required).

Unfortunately the one thing our lab hasnt managed to concoct is an infinite supply of Salvia cuttings, so its first come, first serve with a small supply added each week. Should you miss your chance at a Salvia cutting, why dont try any of our Salvia extracts? Well even throw in a 20% discount this month.

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