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Email & order delay [update 10-5]


Update 2 (10-5) So we thought we fixed everything and the email delay was gone - everyone lived happily ever after! But in an ironic turn of events, Wednesday late in the evening we discovered that our website contact form was dutifully sending emails but it wasn't actually arriving in our inbox. So hundreds of burning questions remained unanswered and only the ones sent directly actually arrived. Needless to say we cried a little when we found out.

Yesterday (Thursday) was Ascension Day so our lazy bum staff had a day off, but our solution hopefully shows our commitment to you guys: the founders of Azarius, Sanne & Lennart, decided to do Customer Service themselves, so chances are you got a reply for one of the head honchos here.

Right now the customer service team is once again working overtime to answer all your questions before the weekend. We're very sorry about this mistake on our part. If you used the contact form and haven't heard back yet, you'll get your answer today!


Summary: Due to technical problems we are unfortunately not on schedule with answering our emails and shipping orders. Please know we are doing our best to sort out the issues and resume regular service!

There is never a right time for one of your internal servers to spontaneously disintegrate, but right before a national holiday is definitely bad. Problems with our hardware arose Monday afternoon and as of this moment have not been fully resolved, despite our technical team's best efforts (on what should have been their day off).

When will I get my package?
As soon as we're up & running today, we'll be starting with the 'oldest' orders first, which includes some Express shipments that we were unable to send on monday. After that we'll be doing double shifts to work our way to every order placed yesterday and finally today. Despite these efforts, expect an order delay of 2 days on top of the regular shipping times.

When will you answer my email?
Same story, we were unable to answer everyone on monday, so by now there's a huge backlog of emails. We'll be answering the oldest questions first and work our way from there, but please note that due to circumstances we're not able to answer emails within one work day.

What about my 'Hail to the King' freebie?
No worries, if you ordered on april 30th, you'll automatically receive the free gift with your order. You can also see this in your confirmation email.

Can I still place an order?
Yes, the website is running just fine. Your order will be logged in our system and will be shipped once we clear our backlog. At the moment we estimate a 2 day delay, on top of the regular shipping times.

We will update this message when we have more information. For now, we apologize for the delay and thank you for your understanding & patience.

- Team Azarius

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