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NEW: DHL Express


Good news: we’ve got a brand new express service! All of your packets with final destination Europe can now also be shipped with DHL Express. You have to pay a little bit more compared to a Priority shipment, but you are offered a super fast door-to-door delivery with real-time end-to-end tracking. (fancy speak for: it is quite reliable and fast). Transit times vary depending on the country of destination but most orders shipped with DHL Express arrive within 1 (Germany) to 6 (Turkey) business days.

More good news: we have lowered the shipping costs for express! We were previously compelled to fixed rates for each shipping area, but now we can give you a specific rate for each country. The shorter the distance your package needs to travel, the lower your shipping costs.

All packages sent with DHL Express are fully traceable on the DHL website

For orders without too much time pressure we’re still offering Priority shipping. Packets to the Netherlands will continue to be sent with PostNL. Please tell us in case you have complaints or are dissatisfied in any way with our new shipping methods! We will take it into consideration and try (to the best of our abilities) to solve all your shipping problems.

Because every delivery is a special delivery :)

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Update: After looking into some of the complaints in the comments, it's become clear the DeLorean had some start-up problems on monday (25-2). We're very embarrassed by our mistake and are contacting customers to set this right, with € 20 store credit. If your DHL Express order was sent on 25-2-2013 and you don't hear from us, please contact us with your order number.

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