BlogThe cannabis debate that hasn't taken place
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The cannabis debate that hasn't taken place


Decriminalization both for philosophical reasons and public health and to fight against trafficking. The French debate was opened by Vincent Peillon (Minister of Education) but quickly ended by Jean-Marc Ayrault (Prime Minister) who admonished the Minister of Education: "there will be no cannabis decriminalization". Cécile Duflot has spoken in favour of a debate on the decriminalization. But the Prime Minister already didn't want talk about that.

The French people who've waited (a very long time) for this debate, are once again put on the bench... Barbara Pompili, Member of Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV) is disappointed "Vincent Peillon proposed opening a debate. I don't see why we should be afraid of the debate on the cannabis addiction and trafficking. We can't even talk, I find that amazing. "

Yves Contassot (member of Europe Ecologie Les Verts) approves what Vincent Peillon said : "Cannabis is a public health problem and not only repression problem. No country will survive by repression."

Yves Contassot claims that if he doesn't want dialogue it's because there is a generational conflict where the Judeo-Christian morality is still present. But sooner or later we'll get the decriminalization because it's not with repression that country will can fight the trafficking problem.

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