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-- Contest over -- Azarius bug hunt

09-11-2012 - 5 Comments

The contest is over and the winners are: € 250: N1k994 (Azarius Forum), € 100: Eagle (Azarius forum) and € 50 W. Woondirts. (Facebook)! Congratulations and thank you for all the help!

We were so overwhelmed with all the great support that we’ve decided to give every Bug Hunt participant a little gift. Please contact us via Facebook or forum private message with your address information. If you sent in your bug via email, please include the original message for verification ([email protected]).

Does this mean all bugs are 100% fixed? Well…no, but we already have plenty of ideas to improve the website even further and we will continue developing it.

- Team Azarius

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We'll be launching a brand new Azarius website soon and we could use your help!

Why should I help you?
Because you like us :). Or because in exchange for your help we're offering Azarius credit of up to € 250 to whoever comes up with the most or the biggest bugs. Runners up get € 100 and € 50 store credit respectively.

What do to?
Simple - just go to and try out the site in your favourite web browser. If you notice anything that doesn't work properly, looks weird or things like spelling/grammar mistakes let us know in this thread. Suggestions and ideas are also welcome!

How to report bugs
We prefer it if you report bugs on our Facebook event page: or on the Azarius forum.

For technical bugs, please mention your browser name + version as well as what kind of operating system you are using. For example: 'Windows Vista, FireFox 12'. You can also include the URL and even make a screenshot of the particular error. The more information we have, the sooner we can fix it.


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    The guy above me is craaaaaaazy!

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    The guy above me is craaaaaaazy!

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