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The first International Cannabis Social Forum


Cannabis. The mere mention of this plant unleashes fears and passions.

To get ride of the usual clichés, a few companies and associations hosted the first International Cannabis Social Forum in Irun (Spain). It was impossible to host in France, but the organizers wanted to take place as close as possible to France. They settled on a Spanish city just over the south western border of France.

The organizers wanted to spark a debate among attending international experts, to really delve into the touchy subject. Because cannabis is a reality that can't be ignored in France, Spain or any other country. Attendees of this public debate included physicians of various specialities, activists such as the famous Mr. Nice or representatives of user groups such as French Jean Pierre Galland and international cannabis experts.

The objectives of the Social Forum are to better understand cannabis and, "explore issues related to cannabis from a social point of view, as a health issue and human rights".

Thinking is a good thing, but so is having fun. The use of cannabis may be therapeutic, but by far the largest amount of people use it recreationally. That's why various other activities were organized ranging from street art to dance and music concerts.

The Ficoba trade centre in Irun is an imposing structure, which can accommodate up to 7000 people over an area of approximately 12,000 m2. At the same time as the Cannabis Social Forum, the Expo grow took place; a meeting point for cannabis related industry.

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