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Dyad - the game that makes you feel high


Dyad is hard to describe. It's a game that was recently released for the Playstation 3, with roots in old-school arcade games like Tempest and somewhat newer titles like Rez and Audiosurf, but it also manages to stand tall on its own.

Dyad is full of charm, thanks to its special designs and reactive audio-visual trip, which is best seen to understand the creativity behind it. It looks complicated and perhaps even a bit confusing at first, but in reality, playing Dyad gives you a feeling of absolute control. Dyad never requires more than two buttons, which makes it very accessible for gamers of all ages.

So what does all this have to do with a smartshop?

The reason we're posting about this is the use of psychedelic imagery throughout the game; images that are usually associated with the use of certain plants or other drugs. The experience is full of swirling colours, a sensation of dazzling speed and light.

It's been described by critics as "a game that makes you feel high".

Check out this video to see Dyad in motion:

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