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Chilean court decides Ayahuasca is beneficial


Ayahuasca is known by its spiritual and healing benefits, considering that many of whom have ingested it in shamanic rituals say they have resolved their existential trouble thanks to this amazonian plant mixture. In fact, the International Plant Medicine Corporation patented the use, processing and marketing of ayahuasca, which luckily expired in 2003, becoming public domain.

Apparently, this was taken into account by the IV Crown Court in Santiago, that decided to absolve César Ahumada Lira, 42, and his partner, Dánae Dimitra Sáenz, 41, of the accusation of drug trafficking, for whom prosecution was demanding 7 years of prison.

The accused were found performing shamanic rituals with ayahuasca in their property outside of the Chilean capital, but Chilean law doesn't forbid growing these plants and the International Narcotics Control Board doesn't control the brew obtained from it.

What's interesting is, the sentence states that "The tribunal has become convinced that, far from constituting a danger for public health, the activity developed by the defendants has resulted in important benefits for multiple people, several of whom explained in court their experiences."

Besides, adds that "it has been proved that what the defendants offered to other people was a potion known internationally by the name of ayahuasca, and not dimethyltriptamine (DMT) as stated by the prosecution.

The preparation of this beverage also includes chacruna, which contains some concentration of DMT but the sentence says that "it was not proved that these concentrations brought any risks for people's health."

Source (Spanish): Veoverde. Translation by Vodsel @ DMT Nexus (thanks!)

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