BlogSmoking a joint less harmful to the lungs than cigarettes
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Smoking a joint less harmful to the lungs than cigarettes


Joints do less damage to the pulmonary function than smoking tobacco does. American physicians published their findings earlier this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The study examined over 5000 men and women from four American cities. The subjects were divided in tobacco smokers, non-smokers (control group) and cannabis users. As expected, the study showed that lung function declined with an increase of tobacco smoke exposure. In the case of smoking a joint, there was no indication of similar damage, based on moderate use.

The researcher used 1 joint a day as a rule of thumb. After seven ‘joint years’ x 1 joint a day no evidence of lung function damage. In the first year they actually found an increase in lung volume and capacity.

Lead researcher Mark Pletcher: “Our findings suggest that occasional use of marijuana for medicinal purposes may not be associated with adverse consequences on pulmonary function. ”

There are healthier alternatives to smoking, however...


Orlando Sentinel

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