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Salvia cuttings: When are they coming back?!


So some of you may have noticed our Salvia cuttings haven’t been in stocked since last summer…

In fact, this has quickly become one of the most frequently asked questions for our Customer Support. We felt it was time to be completely honest and inform everyone on the status of our salvia cuttings.

As you may guessed by now, we simply don’t know when or if we’ll be able to stock cuttings again. All our previous cuttings came from one and the same mother plant (which supplied a lot of smartshops) but this plant has become diseased and at this point we doubt it can be cured. The last batch of cuttings we received was of a notable lesser quality, with the plants dying even when properly cared for.

We are still searching for a supplier but so far have not been able to find a reliable source with the same high quality cuttings we used to provide. Salvia Divinorum is a tricky plant, it’s almost impossible to grow from seed in Europe and suitable mother plants are very rare.

In conclusion: we sadly have to report that Salvia cuttings are out of stock indefinitely. As soon as this changes, we’ll contact everyone that has requested a reminder and place a big celebratory banner on our front page!

We hope this answers your burning questions. If not, let us know in the comments!

-Team Azarius

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