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Study positive effects of XTC


Two neuropsychologists of the University Maastricht in the Netherlands have received a sizeable grant for a behavioural study looking into the positive effects of XTC with repeated use of the drug.

The few official studies that have been conducted with regards to XTC have all focused primarily on the negative effects, such as deterioration of the memory. According to parapsychologist Kim Kuypers it’s interesting to zoom in on the positive side to gain more insight into the reason for repeated use of XTC, which can be harmful if taken long-term.

This upcoming study is mainly focused on the effects on behaviour. Dr. Kuypers assumes that XTC can increase one’s empathy, in addition to feelings of euphoria. This is believed to ensure people communicate more with each other. “Some compare it to the feeling of being in love, only much stronger.” Said Dr. Kuypers.

The researchers expect to see differences in the extent to which the positive effects of XTC use are genetically predetermined. Those that experience very positive effects also tend to experience a stronger dip when the drug wears off. To prevent these feelings of depression and encourage prosocial feelings instead, these people are more likely to become repeat users.

Source: The positive effects of XTC

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