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Help end the War on Drugs with Avaaz!


In days, we could finally see the beginning of the end of the ‘war on drugs’. This expensive war has completely failed to curb the plague of drug addiction, while costing countless lives, devastating communities, and funneling trillions of dollars into violent organized crime networks.

Experts all agree that the most sensible policy is to regulate, but politicians are afraid to touch the issue.

The UN will have a meeting about Drug Policy on the 1st of June. Former heads of state and other important figures will come together to discuss the failed war on drugs and its devastating effects worldwide.

Avaaz is hosting a petition to be signed and given to the commission on the 1st, but they need signatures from everyone who opposes this war on drugs! Past petitions by Avaaz have helped create awareness and even blocked bills.

Click here to sign the petition.

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