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Ephedra under medicine law


Ephedra will be banned in the Netherlands and the USA after April 6th 2004, ephedra products can only be sold as a prescription drug after this date. This also includes the well known Herbal XTC's, Xtenzion, Stackers and Slim&Trim. Only ephedra tea, chinese herb and seeds can still be sold.

The new law in the Netherlands came quite unexpected, because first there was a three year transitional period, which means that ephedra containing products all should be outfitted with a warning sticker. European Legislation made the Dutch Joint Chiefs (Raad van State) decide to not tolerate selling of ephedra-containing products as a food supplement any longer, but to directly treat it as a prescription drug. Therefore, the original proposition has been revoked, and after a two month period, ephedra-containing products can only be sold on a doctors prescription.

We think this is a very unwise decision of our goverments. The new law is based on rumours and emotions, there has not been enough independent scientific research on the health risks of ephedra. Also ephedra is used a lot in the party scene as a safer substitute for illegal chemical drugs, and when this alternative is gone people could easily start using this chemicals.

We do have some ephedra-free alternatives on our website, you can find them in the category Ephedra-free energizers and Weight-loss.

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