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Magic Mushrooms not for everybody . . . . . .


The pure substances psilocybin and psilocin are on the number 1 list of Opium law in the Netherlands. On this list are hard drugs that have an unacceptable risk for the health. Producing, dealing and owning the hard drugs are illegal and is there for prosecutable. Owning small amounts is not something you get arrested for in Holland. This is also the case for dried mushrooms.
Although dried mushrooms are illegal now, fresh mushrooms are still available in most smart shops. This moment there is still a procedure going on if mushrooms should fall under the Opium law.

According to the law, you are allowed to buy mushrooms when you are 12 years old. But all smart shops who are registered by the Vereniging Landelijk Overleg Smartshops (VLOS) keep the age of 18 as minimum age to buy their products. This because they think that people under 18 are mentally not ready to take psycho actives.
Azarius is also registered at VLOS and there for agrees with this opinion. That’s why the minimum age to order at our online shop is 18 years.


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