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Mind Altering Science conference: speakers and topics


Since our last announcement on the Mind altering Science conference, which will be held October 23-24 in Amsterdam, more speakers have been confirmed. Recent additions to the conference programme include (amongst others):

Adèle van der Plas is a criminal lawyer who has been involved in the legalisation of Dutch Santo Daime churches and has handled several 'magic mushroom' cases. The topic of her lecture will be: “Ayahuasca under national and international law: The Dutch Santo Daime cases”.

Dr. Konstantin Kuteykin-Teplyakov will give a lecture on the following topic: "Molecules of mysticism: pharmacology meets anthropology". In his lecture he will review the molecular mechanism of action for psychedelics (receptors and signal transduction, involved in specific psychoactive properties), and also discuss modern methods, both experimental and media-based, to study the relationship between mind-altering substances and behavior.

The speakers and topics that have been confirmed so far include:

Saturday October 23 (9:00 - 18:00)

Stephen Snelders - "Research and therapy with hallucinogens in the Netherlands revisited"
Torsten Passie - "Astonishing Similarities of Physiological and Psychoactive Drug Induced States"
Jose Carlos Bouso - "Healing Mechanisms of MDMA"
R. Andrew Sewell - "Human Psychopharmacology Research at Yale University"
Jordi Riba - "Clinical Research on Ayahuasca: from Basic Physiology to Neuroimaging"
Bia Labate - "The Expansion of the Uses of Ayahuasca around the Globe"

Sunday 24 October (9:00 - 18:00)

Peter Oehen - "MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy - Method and Current Research"
Anwar Jeewa - "An Exploratory Study of the Short-term Effects of Ibogaine Treatment on Drug Addicts"
Konstantin Kuteykin-Teplyakov - “Molecules of mysticism: Pharmacology meets Anthropology"
Katharina Kirchner - "LSD-assisted psychotherapy. First results from the Swiss follow-up study"
• Adèle van der Plas - "Ayahuasca under national and international law: the Dutch Santo Daime cases”
David Luke - "Exploring Exceptional Human Experience on Psychedelics: Ayahuasca, Telepathine and Parapsychology"

Presale tickets are available at reduced rates until September 30th; prices will go up in October or when purchasing a ticket at the door!

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