BlogBuy a San Pedro cutting and receive a potted San Pedro for free!
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Buy a San Pedro cutting and receive a potted San Pedro for free!


Some time ago we received a batch of beautiful San Pedro Cristata cacti. The Cristata variety is a mutant of Trichocereus pachanoi (San Pedro), and displays unique crest-shaped growth.

These potted Cristata San Pedro’s are aching for a) a nice spot in the sun, and b) some love and care. Two things that we - unfortunately - cannot give them at this time. Why not, you might ask? Well, most of the time we’re too busy boxing orders and weighing herbs, which means we don’t have a whole lot of time to take proper care of them. A shame indeed! And while the weather outside is great (at least in Amsterdam it is), the poor cacti are spending their days under fluorescent lights with little fresh air.

Hoping that some of you are able to provide them with a better life, we decided to give one away for free with each order of a 20-30 cm or 50-60 cm San Pedro cutting.

We only have a limited number of Cristata’s to give away, so if you want to make sure you receive one, please make a remark in the comments field when placing your order.

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