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New article about Alexander Shulgin


Two weeks ago we discussed the new documentary about the renowned chemist and psychonaut Alexander Shulgin. This week Vice Magazine features a lengthy and very personal article about editor Hammilton Morris' encounter with Alexander. Although the article is titled The Last Interview with Alexander Shulgin, it isn't really an interview, but it sure contains a lot of interesting information, amusing anecdotes and various pictures taken at Alexander's lab and garden.

We walked down the glittering stone path to his laboratory. The sun was shining through the leaves, casting shadows on his gargantuan collection of psychedelic cacti, including an enviable Trichocereus bridgesii forma monstrose (a spineless phalliformic mescaline cactus, also known as the penis plant). We crossed over a small metal bridge as the lab became visible. Overgrown with vines, it was a patchwork cottage of corrugated metal and plastic that emanated the sharp, musty scent of DMT. As he opened the door, he exclaimed, “Ho-ho-ho!”

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