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The Bulldog vs Red Bull


A lengthy juridical battle (dare we say bullfight?) between energy drink manufacturer Red Bull and Dutch Coffeeshop The Bulldog has led to the latter being forced to cease the sale and production of its energy drink. All remaining stock has been destroyed.

In 2003, Red Bull summons The Bulldog to cease the sales of their products containing the ‘bull’ element.

In 2007 the court decides that both brands differ too much. The claims of Red Bull are rejected.

In summer 2009, the European Court of Justice makes an important decision in a different case (L’Oreal/Bellure), having big consequences for the Bulldog case.

On February 2, 2010 the court judges that 'BULL' is the distinctive element of the Red Bull brand and that there is a certain correspondence between the two brands. As a result, The Bulldog is to cease the production and distribution of their energy drinks, and is to indemnify Red Bull for loss of profit. Also see this article.

A load of bull if you ask us!

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