BlogCalling all Dutch coffeeshops for a strike
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Calling all Dutch coffeeshops for a strike


Dutch coffeeshop owner Nol van Schaik is calling all coffeeshop owners for a nationwide strike during the Dutch national parliament election day on June 9. By keeping the doors of coffeeshops closed for one day, he wants to warn visitors that this could become an everyday reality when rightwing parties form a coalition.

The current largest party CDA (Christian Democratic Alliance) earlier announced that they regard the use of drugs ‘undesirable’ and that they would like to see all coffeeshops gone. Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) is against any form of drug use (alcohol excluded) and they believe the country should abolish the policy of tolerance towards soft drugs. According to these ‘freedom fighters’ drug addicts should be locked up for forced to withdrawl in modern labor camps.

A coalition between said parties and the VVD (Liberal party) and CU (Christian Union) could lead to the closure of all coffeeshops within years. By keeping the doors shut of all coffeeshops during election day, van Schaik wants to show how the cities will look without coffeeshops. Cities as Amsterdam and Maastricht would face a surge in drug dealing on the streets and tokers would have nowhere to go to smoke.


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