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Ban the bong?


Australia - Opposition leader Ted Baillieu said a Coalition government would ban the sale of bongs to reduce the harm to Victorian families caused by cannabis.

"Cannabis is a dangerous drug which causes serious mental and physical damage to many Victorians every year," Mr Baillieu said. "Banning the sale of bongs sends a clear message that cannabis is a dangerous and harmful substance."

The Victorian Government does not support a ban on bongs.

"As long as John Brumby [Premier of Victoria] allows bongs to be sold freely at more than 100 outlets across the state, Victoria’s young people and families will continue to suffer from the damaging effects of cannabis," Mr Baillieu said. "Victorians can’t trust a government that claims it is tough on drugs yet won’t take this important step to reduce drug use."

"Bongs are bad, mmmkay?"


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