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In the spotlight: EZ tests


EZ Test is a quick and simple test kit that can tell you whether a pill contains MDMA or other substances. It's an effective tool in identifying adulterants and other possibly dangerous substances often found in street drugs and provides you with measures against unwanted (side) effects.

EZ Test Marquis was the first Ecstasy test kit ever to come onto the market. It contains a chemical called 'Marquis reagent' in a small glass bottle secured in a plastic container. It shows different colors for Ecstasy-like substances (MDMA, MDEA and MDA), DXM, 2C-B and speed. An information sheet and color chart are included. The bottle contains 5 ml. of 'Marquis' reagent which is approx. 140 drops. You only need 1-2 drops per test.

EZ Test XTREME consists of 3 different tests: Marquis, Simon's and Robadope. By cross-referencing the outcomes you will know whether your pill has been mixed.

EZ Test Complete consists of EZ Test Marquis, Mandelin, Mecke and Xtreme reagents. All react to different substances and may be applied at your own discretion. Just decide what you want to test for and select the appropriate reagent. If you want to test speed, use the Marquis or Mandelin. 2C-B? Use the Marquis. The list is endless as all these reagents react to a whole array of substances.

EZ Test Tri-All contains trial versions of the Marquis, Mecke and Mandelin tests (1,2 ml of each) which allows you to screen on Ecstacy-like substances (2C-B, DOB), speed, DXM, ketamine and 2-CT-x.

EZ Test White is very insensitive to the usual cuts such as mannitol and such, and will not react to any substance from the family of cocaine (lidocaine, procaine, etc.) which are frequently used to fool the person who wants to taste it. These other -caines will only produce a numbing effect and contribute to really bad hangovers. However, this test does not tell you anything about the identity of the substances that were used to cut the sample with; for this purpose you could use EZ Test Marquis or EZ Test Mandelin.

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