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The art of acid


Online art and culture magazine Juxtapoz published an interview with blotter artist Mark McCloud, who is known to have the most diverse and extensive collection of Blotter Art on the planet.

In the interview Mark gives a rundown on the history of blotter art, and shares his view on this extraordinary art form; McCloud believes "it is the great American art in miniature".

About changing times:

“So in the old days people started off with these giant images that were then reduced down laboriously and pasted up by hand and re-photographed. Nowadays people just scan artwork and use Photoshop…”

In 2001 police seized 33,000 sheets of blotter art in his home, and McCloud was accused of conspiring to distributing LSD near a school. It soon became clear that none of the seized blotter sheets (of which some were framed) were impregnated with LSD. However, they did find a small stash of acid for personal use, which set off a fierce legal struggle.
His reputation as an established artist, with numerous exhibitions on his name and coverage in magazines such as the LA Times, along with having a good lawyer, led to acquittal from conspiracy.

Read the full interview here.

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