BlogDrugs in clubs on the decline, alcohol use same
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Drugs in clubs on the decline, alcohol use same


In nightclubs in Amsterdam usage of drugs has decreased significantly over the past five years. That's the conclusion of the University of Amsterdam, which (on behalf of the Dutch Jellinek Institute for Addiction Research) has kept track of the nightlife in Amsterdam for sixteen years.

According to the researchers the past five years gave rise to a 'new soberness' in the nightlife. This doesn't apply to alcohol, however, which is being consumed as much as it has always been. But the use of drugs is currently an exception rather than the rule.

But the clubs have an 'inexhaustible' supply of alcohol. The researchers pointed out that there is a continuous introduction of new drinks, or that older drinks are again promoted. Only one out of ten visitors sticks to sodas. The rest drinks an average of six glasses of alcohol.

Amongst the 'drugs' cannabis is still the most popular, followed by Ecstasy and cocaine. Ecstasy use was most widespread in 1998, but since then this has decreased significantly. Nowadays it's only taken on 'special occasions'. Eight out of ten club visitors sticks to alcohol, or at most smokes a joint.

For the research 32 enthusiastic clubbers and club employees are interviewed twice a year. For the data collected last year 648 clubbers in Amsterdam answered a set of questions.

Source (in Dutch): Trouw

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