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Red Bull drug ban in Germany and Jordan


Six german states have told retailers to pull Red Bull Cola off the shelves after a study found the drink to contain trace elements of cocaine.

Red Bull protested the decision and claims that the decocainized coca leaf extract that is used to enhance the flavor is completely safe and harmless. Bernhard Kuehnle, head of the food-safety department at the federal ministry for consumer protection confirms that “there is no danger”, yet local lawmakers regard the beverage as a ‘narcotic’ instead of a food product. Germany’s other 13 states are expected to soon to follow suit and ban sales of the drink as well.

One can of Red Bull Cola contains about 0.4 micrograms of cocaine. (A microgram is one-millionth of a gram). In order for the drink to be considered harmful, 100,000 litres would need to be consumed.

In Jordan the authorities are not taking any chances. According to the Jordan Times all Red Bull products have been withdrawn from the market, and the import of the caffeinated drink has been suspended. The president of the Jordanian Toxicologists Association says “drinking the energy drink with cocaine is very dangerous if it is taken with alcohol or narcotics”. Another ‘Red Bull Shit’ quote comes from from the director of the National Centre for Rehabilitation, who said that “any quantity of cocaine results in misuse or addiction”.

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